Animal Quest (1991)


A turn-based game where you pick an animal to play and move about a grid, trying to catch prey and avoid predators. Plants and animals are assigned positions in the food chain, and each animal eats different kinds of food. Animals you’re trying to eat may eat some of the plants and animals that you consider food before you do. There are options to click on each creature to get a description of them, or see where they stand in the food chain, as far as what creatures are their predators and their prey. You gain points for eating other creatures and lose points for being caught by predators. Eating animals adds more points to your score than eating plants. When you get a score of 49, you gain the ability to move diagonally, which makes it much easier to hunt and avoid predators. The ability is lost if your score drops below 49. Version 1.5 added SVGA graphics. Version 4.0 added a fourth episode and removed SVGA graphics modes. There are 4 episodes in this game, with only Forest Animals being playable in the shareware version.


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21 thoughts on “Animal Quest (1991)

  1. Remember playing this game as a kid! So simple and addictive, an easy game to wind down to.

    I just downloaded the version from abandonware with dosbox but the controls are funky, you have to use the mouse which is super annoying, has anyone got a workaround for this?

  2. What's wrong with people they've been looking it for years I found it within a minute with a single Google search :v oof

  3. I bet the developers tried so hard to make this game as easily as possible. I can tell by looking at how this game is structured 😛

  4. Hello gamers! Many years ago I created this little turn-based DOS game called Animal Quest. I am surprised that anyone still remembers it! Anyway, I am working on a remake…

    Animal Quest – Forest Survival

    Also you can play the free online demo at:


  6. This is quite an awsome game actually. Simple and enjoyable while being a real cute kids game and a minor amount of edutainment 😉

  7. I think I remember a game very similar to this involving dinosaurs, and another one (or possible the same one) involving ice-age creatures (including ancient humans). Can anyone confirm and name?

  8. OMFG I have been searching for this game for so many years. Couldn't figure out for the life of me what it was. Tried so many times to google for it, why now it comes up. Much love.

  9. I have been trying to find this game for YEARS! My brother in law found it in like 20 minutes after a few VERY vague descriptions & then linked me to this video….. Oh my goodness it's as I remember!!!!! 20 YEARS AGO!

  10. Hey guys. the original Dinosaur Predators game and Animal Quest are still available at
    In a bundle with 2 more games for $5.

  11. I've been searching for the name of this game for so long! After all these years, I still remember that opening tune and all the other tunes by heart! Best kids game ever!

  12. I remember playing this in grade 2. We only had a couple computers in the class, and this was the best game to play!

  13. THX !!!! I've played it yet before the Pacman , VLAK , Prehistoric and Lost Vikings 😀 HISTORICAL GAME ever !

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