Aseprite Top Down Pixel Art Character Design and Animation Part 1 – Tutorial

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I will show you how to draw a Pixel Art Character in Aseprite. First, we will Design the character, then we will Animate it to be able to export it as a Sprite Sheet for Unity. The Animation will contain all 8 directions both Running and Walking that you need for a Top Down Unity RPG Game. During the video, I will explain a few tips and tricks about the whole Animation Process too.

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49 thoughts on “Aseprite Top Down Pixel Art Character Design and Animation Part 1 – Tutorial

  1. Hey everyone! 👏 👏
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  2. Thanks so much the video really helped me in making my character for my R.P.G
    ( But the way this video has 4K likes )

  3. Great Tutorial Man! I have a few pixelart tutorials as well would be cool if you could check them out 🙂

  4. Mr. Ferret, I've seen some japanese V-tubers using their own avatars during gameplay streams. I would like to ask you "how they do that, are they using Avalive or streaming options with face / voice recognition reactions are included in this software?"

  5. What size is this document?..I'm fairly new to pixel art and am curious how big this document is because of how little space I have when I open my documents and the space I have to create multiple sketches in one frame

  6. why do you use those "alien" colors? And how to know which "alien" color can I use? I tried to do something similar with similar colors and when I put it on photoshop and try to play with the values just as you did it looks awful 🙁

  7. I don't want to offend anyone, but fuck, why u gotta use the simple character? why no one is making anything complex.

  8. how did you do do at 10:23 ? you kinda separate all the characters one by one and compile each at a time? i guess lol but how its done? i kinda lost at that part

  9. Not trying to be mean, but this looks more like a timelapse rather than a tutorial.
    I would like to have a bit more explained about the pixels you place and why, you know?

  10. I just started making pixel art and I am completely new to it. But your videos really do help out a lot 😀

  11. Thanks you for this tutorial, it's great!
    But I'm already struggling on designing a Character. Currently i got basic bald Guy without any details, but i got all 8 standingdirections done. But i really can't draw any detail. For example when I try to add hair, or a mage-hood, or a helmet or anything, it doesn't look good. I already tryed to restrict myself to a 4-8 color-palette but i just can't get the hang of it. Do you have any Advices on that? I'm already thinking about using a 24×24 Sprite, but then I'm afraid that it's to hard to animate for the beginning.

  12. Just discovered your videos – I love how you see all the try & error you're doing while creating the character. Thanks for the videos!

  13. A silly question:
    what do we do if we need another character sprite sheet? do we build another from scratch or what?

    it's a great video btw, thank you.

  14. i do i only need the free trial just to make the character that i want, copy and sent it to GIMP/PS and then save it, the free trail doesn't allow you to save. is that correct?

  15. Amazing video dude! I’m a total newbie and I could understand it very well.
    And your voice speed is just the ideal, it really helped me to comprehend, as my mother language isn’t the English.
    Looking forward to engage on the pixel art and animation.
    Thank you very much!!

  16. Could you please show a sprite sheet of what the finished animations look like please? Just for a few seconds or something so i can pause it and compare lol I could keep up until the animation part came up, and even at .05x slow speed the video goes too fast for me to follow

  17. It's very hard to follow your tutorial. I am new and not very experienced with drawing and using these programs. It would help a lot if you slowed down a bit an explain what you are doing. By the way, thank you for the tutorials they are helpful cause I need to learn how to draw and animate sprites.

  18. Dude you're so awesome for making this tutorial. Im making a side project game with a friend and you're super helpful

  19. do you need a stylus for pixel art or a mouse is fine?

    Also how do you make it so that when you create a second version of the character, the character is recognisable as the same person? Thanks, great video!

  20. For a complete newbie, it would definitely be nice if you had it slowed some more down, so we could actually see each frame, to learn how you make it look good.

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