Bang! The Dice Game – Full Gameplay & Discussion


Join us as we battle in the old west with Bang! The Dice Game!

Today’s episode is special in that instead of our usual “replay” format, we’ll be featuring a full play through of the game. This game is fast and frantic so we didn’t want you to miss any of the action!

Here is the link to the second bonus play through once you’ve watched this video!

Board Game Replay is a series you’ll be joining our group of friends for a post-game discussion of our favorite games. We’ll be highlighting exciting moments from the game and cutting to replays during our discussion.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:20 – Game and Rules Overview
06:49 – Game Play Begins
22:37 – Note About 2nd Game
23:31 – Post-game Discussion


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29 thoughts on “Bang! The Dice Game – Full Gameplay & Discussion

  1. never played a bang game before. Should i get the original bang, bang the dice game, or samurai sword?

  2. u are going back in time to explain to us how this game works in the future… but in the past!??
    whoa…!? my mind just stopped, and then jumped. and now i find myself connected to a different part of the Matrix!

  3. If King of Tokyo, Cash N Guns, and One Night Ultimate Werewolf had a baby together, Bang! would be the baby.

  4. Hey, guys! Before my doubts, great video(s)! Really helpful in watching the mechanics of the games, specially the comments and conclusions.. Here is my doubt: why you do not talk to each other in trying to convince your role? Is it not allowed? Only the on of you (by mistake) told that was the Vice.. since than you only insinuated your roles by your actions (hey, ai am giving you beer)… Welll is it alowed to talk abou your role (of course, not showing the card, just like The resistance…)

  5. To me it looks like the Roles(Vice,Outlaw) are practically impossible to hide. There is almost no way to "bluff" or fake a role past the first rounds with a beer or two.

    What are your experiences with that?

  6. i was thinking about buying the game and decided to do so after i watched your video. you guys sure made it look like fun and i'll add it as a rule that you have to do the gattling gun movement when i play with my friends.

  7. So let's be honest here, is this game good with 4 or even 3 players or does it shine at 5 and up? Because I usually have a small group and the game looks like a lot of fun, but I don't feel like it would be that good with less players.

  8. Vet gave shit man ben echte fan ik hoop jullie in een intergelactische battle tegen te komen

  9. Thanks for the live play/review. I picked this up recently based on so many others who raved about it. Nobody in our group wanted to learn a new game, but after we got started, everyone was on board. I love the compact size of this game, we can easily take it everywhere. 

  10. Are you just playing house rules with the dynamite? Aren't you supposed to end your turn and not use the rest of your rolls if three dynamite are rolled?

  11. Are you supposed to reveal the roles when people die? I don't think you are supposed to until the end of te game

  12. Its a vey strange rule that the outlaws can win even if they are eliminated after only the deputies and renegade are left alive. I would think the renegade should win in that situation. 

  13. I've been curious about this game and watched a few reviews. Yours is definitely the best overview and commentary I've seen. Good job!

  14. Great review mates, it was very entertaining and gives exactly the feel of the game. I'm expecting my to arrive tomorrow, and will be used with my group as what you described drinking bear and talking between turns. Just by watching you play I'm sure the game will sloth in and we'll be playing it regularly. I'm going to watch the bonus gameplay now, keep up the great videos. 🙂

  15. I like your concept of review and gameplay.You got a nice group.for the game.Dice bang is nice but you need it to play with 6 people at least.My group consist of 4-5 and people it doesnt work well for it.Sheriff needs to reveal thats one player down.Its a great game but probably better suited for parties and schools.If you have 4-5 group king of tokyo is better to go.Or avalon or coup.
    Question.Will you buy the new Sons of Anarchy game from gf9 since you really like spartacus?

  16. Awesome game and video. I like the full play through. This is another one i've wanted to get for a while but its hard to get in Australia. I'll get it soon hopefully and it was fun to watch both videos, thanks 🙂

  17. You actually made the game look pretty fun… I've bought this but it didn't stay long, sold it right after just didn't do it for me and the group

    Again very nice episode… keep up the excellent work

  18. Nice! One of my favorite light games. Any chance you guys would want to do a Resistance game? Maybe Resistance Avalon with the special hidden roles? 

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