Convert Text to Numbers or Numbers to Text

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This video covers how to convert or change text to numbers using several methods. If you want to recode text to numbers (or vice versa) without using any VBA, these are some of the easier ways to do it. By default text is left aligned and numbers are right aligned in the cell, so you’d need to be aware of this. There are a couple of functions (or formulas) you can use to perform the change. Converting letters to number has never been easier! Also how to convert or change numbers to text using some different methods, so if you want to learn to fix numbers stored as text, you’ll see it here too.

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30 thoughts on “Convert Text to Numbers or Numbers to Text

  1. Hello. Great video. I do have an additional question: I have over 1000 cells with numbers (2030), numbers with letters (2402AA), and numbers with dashes and letters (2000-AA). Can I filter the numbers in sequential order while disregarding the letters all together? I can't find anything speaking directly to this. Thanks

  2. Is it also possible to convert numbers into numbers? I want to make a pointsystem with placement so #1 would be 10 points #2 would be 7 points,… but i just wanna enter the placement and let the rest go automatically. If anybody could help me i would be thankful!

  3. unhelpful. i wanted to convert a word (criteria in a questionnaire) into a number so i could total up a score.

  4. I want to convert it to number however the green thing in the corner does not pop up.. Can someone help me hahaha

  5. Thank you for providing a clear list of alternatives for both text to number and vice versa. Great, great video. Thank you!

  6. We have mixed text/number formatted products. In addition, some of our part numbers convert to dates…I hate Microsoft for that "feature."

    Examples: 101, 7-2009, 5044A.

    So, if I test if it's a number, I can convert that to text or the other way around. If the text is also a date (7-2009), Excel auto-converts to a number like 39995.

    Any ideas? Is there a way to test if a value might become a date and keep it as is?

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