Dojo Quest: Speedrun Walkthrough (Pixels Easter Egg Game)


Speedrun walkthrough of the game Dojo Quest on iPad. This game is an easter egg game hidden in the trailer for the movie Pixels. The game starts off with you as Lady Lisa trying to conquer bandits of different colors. The main boss is a dragon that can only be defeated by hopping on to him multiple times from above. You can use shurikens (ninja stars) and blue potions (invincibility) to help you in the quest. There are four levels, with the boss on level 4. Pixels is a movie about aliens mistaking old video games sent to them as threats, so they send monster versions of Pac-Man, Centipede, Breakout, and other characters to attack Earth.


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39 thoughts on “Dojo Quest: Speedrun Walkthrough (Pixels Easter Egg Game)

  1. I wonder why the dragon didn't make a cameo in the movie consdering the ninjas did, perhaps it's because people would think it was the dragon from Space Harrier.

  2. Estoy aca por la película.. Pixeles.. pero Pregunto esto existió o solo fue ficción para la película píxeles?..

  3. Hi. Who developed Dojo Quest and where can it be officially downloaded?
    Thank you.

    God bless, Proverbs 31

  4. when did this game came out coz im not really familiar with this game? when I saw this in the movie pixels I was intrigued coz i didn't knew lady Lisa till now

  5. これはやってみたい気がする♪映画「ピクセル」のオリジナルゲームらしいね。

  6. Edepot please please kick a kid on edepot official hes killing every one in one hit hes a hacker his name is Anthony hacker

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