I’m going to show you economically, shortest time army build that will decimate your opponents 95% of the time! Thanks for watching y’all and remember to rate, comment and subscribe!

DomiNations is an innovative free-to-play mobile strategy game that allows players to lead the world’s greatest civilizations from the Stone Age to the Space Age!

Explore, advance and grow your civilizations while conquering the world through single-player campaign and cooperative gameplay modes.


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45 thoughts on “DomiNations Android/iOS Game BEST LOOT, RAID, ATTACK, ARMY BUILD STRATEGY GUIDE!

  1. why don't you learn the game better before you do any strategic guide. you mislead a lot of beginner players with this.

  2. I woild with real strat in mind use cavalry and stay as far away from ballistas as possibale and cannin towers use a combination of 10 cav 20 spread out foot men for the rear guard to take out the actual buildings while the cav goes throught the base mind you using wall sappers to destroy wall and a motiple area drop strat is in effect here dstract the actual defecnces with cav and let the halberdiers or what ever age your at deal with the rest of the building work on taking out ballistas by rushing them with cav they cant hit what destroys them before they fire with their reload speed and then when the base is cleard of defenses bring in the foot men

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    è un progetto di consolidare una alleanza perfetta dove regna amicizia…sara un mix di contadini e guerrieri 🙂
    Membri attivi, in guerra, nelle donazioni, che collaborino al progresso e sviluppo dell'alleanza…. Italia S.P.Q.R
    l'esperienza del leader non manca.liv 151 eta industriale(max con tutto) e con tante battaglie vinte nella guerra (1300 stelle vinte in war).
    Chi vuole non partecipare alle guerre puo rimanere e crescere tranquillo.i consigli non mancherano e in pocco tempo diventate esperti nell gioco.
    Invece per quelli che vogliono partecipare nelle guerra sara 1 war ogni 2 giorni e sicuramente saranno vinte sotto il comando del leader.
    Per quelli piu attivi e che vogliono cariche saranno anche i gradi finche avranno l'ultimo,quello di co-leader.
    Italia S.P.Q.R vi aspetto

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  9. hey guys i just found this DomiNations online hacking tool, and it work try it guys DomiNations Android/iOS Game BEST LOOT, RAID, ATTACK, ARMY BUILD STRATEGY GUIDE!

  10. Can I point out that he called the Soldiers "Pikemen" but the name changes depending on age soooo, and Cavalry "Cataphracts"

  11. I tried using your combo but I failed 8 out of 10 attacks. My combo is 6 Heavy Cavalry, 6 Raider, 6 Ranged Infantry and 5 Infantry (come up to 65 troop count) and it has been a fairly effective combo.

  12. Actually…I never lost a fight with strategy 3 cavalry 10 archers and rest is doormen with a healing tactic to withstand the catapult

  13. Dude u r saying to take down the catapult but when u use long bowman they cannot destroy it without entering the catapults range so what should I do I got killed 98 armies by 3 mortars with 4 or less blasts dam !!! those mortars were at level 6 or 5 maybe

  14. Best way hands down to get loot:
    1. Go to 200-300 medals
    2. Make the maximum amount of cavalry archers
    3. Go in and aim for bases with most resources in farms and merchants, and deploy 1-2 cavalry archer per farm/merchant.
    I wouldn't recommend going for bases with 10k resources or under (i've looted some bases that had 100k+ of each and im only in classical age.)

  15. Nope. All calvary raiders is the best loot. You will lose a lot of raids but they can take all the loot. I'm currently classical age and I manage to loot 100 k gold/food from gunpowder age people with 21 raiders

  16. I also have to completely disagree with you.  I am level 53 with about 700 medals – only been playing about a month – and your strategy got me nothing.  I am fighting against gunpowder age people – being in the medieval age myself – and my best combination is  one wall miner, six royal companion, 3 heavy raiders, 6 archers, and 20 pikemen.  Or close to that.  I have a troop capacity of 75.  Even with rally – which is too slow to reload – catapults, etc DECIMATE an army of footmen.  You really need heavier calvary.  For anyone who hasn't had success with this method, feel free to try mine.  This is no offense to you, of course – what works for one, doesn't work for another – but this stragey wiped me out in seconds.  I generally win with 100%.
    But hey, congrats to you for being out there, trying to help new players, etc.

  17. Just use the Capharacts. All you need, aside from the raiders. I rarely lose either in battle, and have never been defeated in battle with them. Just so much health. You only need 6 of them in the Iron Age in order to devastate any opponent.

  18. And won… With just the Capharact. 6 of them plus some raiders… 1 loss, full victory. The aforementioned load out is actually the best, even in the medieval age. The Capharacts actually have considerably high damage in a group, and the one thing, ONE THING, that has ever killed one of mine, is the Ballista towers. Catapults do about as much damage to them as would a mosquito to a M1A2 Abrams tank.

  19. best strategy ever ! People if you are romans upgrade the baracks and use legion + bowmas + 2 balist ! This army is really good against  gunpowder age. l hope l help good luck guys!

  20. Actually I am Lvl 26 got 60 places for my Army, 42% of the military, only like 20% on the rest. I specialize on attacking other players to get the ressources. I always use the greek version of the cataphract (4 of them) with 2 cavalry raiders, and 13  Hoplits and Bowmans. I also have a miner for the case that I have to break through a heavy wall, Works out nearly everytime. 9/10 or even 10/10. I am getting 4 or 5 stars most of the time. I am in copper 2 actually. If someone wants to join me search for "La Meute". I joined them as ong as i don't have an own alliance.

  21. for me i use 6 companions (cataphract) and the rest are archers, i win over 90% of battles but i do get attacked really often because i raid for money and food

  22. I have to completely disagree with you on this… the best composition for me has been 6 cavalry, with the rest footmen / archers in a 2:1 ratio. You'll beat most bases with only losing ~10 footmen. The aim is not just to win, don't forget, but to have enough men left over to keep attacking. There is absolutely no point in fighting a match if you'll lose the majority of your army

  23. Question please answer !!! How to i control my troops better?? They be going crazy attacking useless objects like walls when theres already a hole then i start loosing troops because they get keep getting attacked. Help!!!

  24. Not sure if this is so efficient. You win but you loose all your army. Catapults can shred your infantry to pieces in no time. I think that with 2 cavalry, you could soak the catapults damage and thus you would end with less casualties, allowing you to chain with further raids instead of waiting to replenish your troops.

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