DomiNations Android/iOS Game General Defense and Base Layout Strategy Guide!


DomiNations Android/iOS Game General Defense and Base Layout Strategy Guide!


This is a general base defense guide, not a guide for the “best defense layout” in game. In fact the “best base layout” doesn’t exist. There are good defense layouts but remember that there isn’t a best base. Thanks for watching and remember to rate, comment and subscribe!

DomiNations is an innovative free-to-play mobile strategy game that allows players to lead the world’s greatest civilizations from the Stone Age to the Space Age!

Explore, advance and grow your civilizations while conquering the world through single-player campaign and cooperative gameplay modes.


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38 thoughts on “DomiNations Android/iOS Game General Defense and Base Layout Strategy Guide!

  1. Galera quem quiser entrar na minha aliança chamada União Europeia vc será muito bem recebido e terá toda ajudar que precisa

  2. Italia S.P.Q.R
    è un progetto di consolidare una alleanza perfetta dove regna amicizia…sara un mix di contadini e guerrieri 🙂
    Membri attivi, in guerra, nelle donazioni, che collaborino al progresso e sviluppo dell'alleanza…. Italia S.P.Q.R
    l'esperienza del leader non manca.liv 151 eta industriale(max con tutto) e con tante battaglie vinte nella guerra (1300 stelle vinte in war).
    Chi vuole non partecipare alle guerre puo rimanere e crescere tranquillo.i consigli non mancherano e in pocco tempo diventate esperti nell gioco.
    Invece per quelli che vogliono partecipare nelle guerra sara 1 war ogni 2 giorni e sicuramente saranno vinte sotto il comando del leader.
    Per quelli piu attivi e che vogliono cariche saranno anche i gradi finche avranno l'ultimo,quello di co-leader.
    Italia S.P.Q.R vi aspetto

  3. Hi. Fantastic video. Enjoyed it a lot. I also play similar games and like them. Yours seems a little bit different though. Anyways, keep it up. Thanks

  4. I have been helped bye following online videos stab dominations, matt dominations and m@c dominations watching their attacks have helped me troop setup and tactics they use.

  5. La team FrancePhoenix recrute!!
    Bonjour, on est une jeune guilde active, sympa et motivee! On recherche des joueurs chauds patates qui veulent progresser, et degommer nos ennemis en Guerre Mondiale!
    On recrute TOUS les joueurs quelque soit le niveau, donc saisissez votre chance et n'hesitez pas a y jeter un coup d'oeil!
    Sur ce, bon jeu et j'espere vous revoir bientot parmi nous a FrancePhoenix!

  6. How many crowns I'll need to change my civilization in Medieval age? Thanks. I choosed corea's, maybe I made a mistake XD.

  7. Can someone tell how I get into the iron age, I can't increase my max gold? How do I increase it? This on Android

  8. Hoi voor alle nederlanders die interesse hebben om mijn nederlandse clan te joinen Martial Masters. Voor alle beginners
    die ik graag wil helpen met dit mooie spel.

  9. Why would you not try to maximize on your Acropolis? It gives a bonus to your stables and garrisons but only when they're in or at least touch the circle surrounding the Acropolis which isn't the case now.

    I don't get why people pick a Wonder but then just put it somewhere.

  10. Alliance system need to be updated. Leaders and vice leaders need to be at the top or at least in a different section while top players should be under them or so.

  11. Don't bother with defence before Medieval age is terrible advice. I defended 80% of attacks before I hit medieval. You get lots of crowns from having a good defence and you should get a lot of game satisfaction from watching your defence succeed. Just put you town centre on the out side and defend your resources. Don't bother trying to collect medals before medieval would be better advice.

  12. I tried to get a decent defence layout early on and got attacked only a few times, I think if you manage to look hard enough to get, and concentrate on protecting your resources in the early ages, it pays off to think about it a bit. People generally don't want to lose too many troops for little payoff. At least I don't.

  13. Hey thank you for your tips, im Japanese and i in Iron Age yet but i will try to follow your expample when i arrive in Classical and Medieval, thanks!

  14. Would anyone give me a guide on how bases are supposed to be? Im confused with the rodes and how the extra bonuses happen when they're attached to the town center.

  15. A couple day ago you were in the hundreds your subscriber count has reached almost two thousand, I was one of the original subscribers. I bout to watch this channel grow

  16. Hey Redox, awesome channel and videos, you are helping this games community alot! keep it up, hope this channel grows!
    And just saying but, if you have a trustworthy friend or something, maybe make a Nations league Alliance 2? the main one is full haha. Good luck and great job!!!

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