Drawing a Plane/ 3D Trick Art #Emirates #A380 #EmiratesA380

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3D Trick Art of an airplane. Anamorphic optical illusion #Emirates #A380 #EmiratesA380

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37 thoughts on “Drawing a Plane/ 3D Trick Art #Emirates #A380 #EmiratesA380

  1. You copy cat! That's Emirates drawing . The website of Emirates did that drawing! So stop taking all the credit! Not cool

  2. Finde das Weltklasse was du machst. So viel Talent. Ich kann nicht mal nach zahlen malen und ich würde das so gerne können. Aber es hilft nix.
    Sehr sehr gut.

  3. For one second I thought he but a invisible stick and glue the stick on the Airbus A380 then I just knew he glue it to the side

  4. Puedes hacer un dibujo de karol sevilla y ruggero pasquareli dale 🙏🙏🙏🙌🙋😸😺😹😹😹😹😹

  5. you are greatest great artist in the world you one in one artist and other not what a talented you have gave a god …. i becom artist l. dont know i becom ya not ..? you please give taknik you mindblocket ideas plz plz….. ☺☺☺😊

  6. who are you? I would like you to make a video of how you got to this point in the drawing. 🙆

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