Fallout Shelter | Optimizing EVERYTHING! | Max Level Dwellers Make MAX $$$!


Fallout Shelter iOS game by Bethesda Softworks! Survive and create your own shelter / bunker in the world of Fallout! Today I destroy and defend my shelter from the enemies of the wasteland!
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45 thoughts on “Fallout Shelter | Optimizing EVERYTHING! | Max Level Dwellers Make MAX $$$!

  1. How do you prevent radscorpion attacks etc, I’ve went trough 3 vault worlds and I keep loosing everything,

  2. Ok so playing this only this year I notice there are alot of different things like nuka cola and pets …idk if this is a different version or it is just because it is old

  3. Now that fallout shelter online is out, I still think this one is better, no pay to win even though online has more content, hope they made updates to this game again

  4. Wow. I’m doing pretty good. Sitting right at 123 dwellers, 91% happiness, all my resources are always full. I have 2 dwellers at the entrance both with mini gun things that deal 22-26 damage, then right across is the overseers vault, then radio station with all dwellers level 50 and each has a weapon that deals over 20 damage. I’m working on getting the rest of my dwellers to level 50 and have 10 out at each time. Every dweller has a weapon that has a minimum of 10 damage. I don’t even look anymore when deathclaws attack because they die the instant they get into my radio studio. Every single room is max level except the nuka cola stations. That shits expensive.

  5. I wish they added a research human experiment where they are forced to do something or there would be consequences somethin like that like in the real fallout vaults

  6. I max out the SPEA and most importantly the Luck on a dweller then give them rare gear and weapon then send them out to explore and 25 med and rad kits. They usually return after three days (once they can't carry anymore) with around 20000+ caps and legendary items and usually with almost max level.

  7. I enjoy this game came to a little late in time. But I had build an overseer's office and then the game kind of messed up on me and when I reloaded it it took my caps but it took my overseer office 2.

  8. Similar set up, but I put “boom boom” rooms between my production rooms and training rooms so I could breed the right skill set in my kids

  9. Max vault means 200 dragon maws on 200 dwellers that all have max stats while keeping income /outcome recourses at max, takes ages… ur not even close

  10. Sign in on game center on this devise and then connet the acount on this game then do the exact same thing on the other devise

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