FFXIV – Lord of Vermilion Stage 24: The Final Coil [Yugiri only]


Wind-up Yugiri was obtained in the faily recent “The Rising” event (ended 7th Sep 2015). If you don’t have her, try other poppets with a minimum speed of 2 or more.

I only have Yugiri and Iceheart so I wasn’t able to try other poppet combinations. Wind-up Airship didn’t do enough damage because of its high cost. I tried adding a group of 4 debuff minions along with the Yugiri’s but I found it worked better without them.

Stage 1 – Meteors
You can take your time here summoning your minions. When you have a large enough group move the boss to either A or C because they’re closer your gates, split seconds really count if you’re using a 2-speed minion. Also, while he’s moving he’s not damaging your arcana stones!
Careful not to damage him too much until you’re ready because Stage 2 happens at around 66% health. Make sure all your cooldowns are ready for this and time it to happen right after a meteor.

Stage 2 – Giant Meteor Pillar Thing
Important Note: Pillars can be deactivated by sacrificing one minion, moving it to the column! Using some fast 4-speed minions to do this should make the whole fight much easier. I didn’t realise this when I posted the video!
The first pillar appears roughly 10 seconds into this phase, so you want to have used most of your cooldowns by then. As soon as you see it, flee for a gate (It might be possible to stick it out and keep attacking). The pillars do damage to your stones too, but hopefully there’s enough health left at A (or C) for him not to start moving over the map. If it’s destroyed, you’re probably better off hiding at your gate for another pillar, then meet him at C.

The adds could be ignored.

It took me lots of attempts using the same strategy before I finally did it, so don’t worry if you don’t do it first time.

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  1. This would have been much easier if I'd sent a 4-speed minion into the pillars as they appeared. That minion is sacrificed but prevents damage done to your others! Kudos to Sylvr on reddit for pointing this out.

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