Flash Trash #1 – The Ugly – Horror Flash Game


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Hello and welcome to Flash Trash, a series where Brandon (GodfreyGameSquare) and I play terrible games made in Adobe Flash with English Commentary! Brandon has already beaten these games, but It’s my first time playing them so I come into all of these games blind. Enjoy!

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Have any suggestions for Flash Horror games? Just inbox Brandon the name of the game! Make sure your subject line says “Flash Trash” and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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49 thoughts on “Flash Trash #1 – The Ugly – Horror Flash Game

  1. I think this will be my 5th time re-watching this series. I've been here since this all started and it's only gotten better. This is by far my favourite series that you've ever done; I sincerely hope that you bring this back soon. Thanks for all the content over the years, you're the man MDB!

  2. wait… 7 years later and no one has left a name on the first episode of what to call this series?!? I suggest you call it Trash Flash because they are trash flash games, so just shorten it to 2 words

  3. I remember playing (attempting) to play this game in like 7th grade and just giving up because I didn't know the curtain trick. It's just an overall bad game and I ended up watching a friend play it (who knew how to actually win) and just being unscared by it. If a child me wasn't terrified then you failed because I was scared of everything until I got nearer to high school and started watching horror movies and books. To put it into perspective I was scared by Jeff the Killer when I was younger and looking back I'm ashamed of myself.

  4. The narrator didnt't need to ruin it by telling us what was going to happen before it even happens? I didnt see the point in watching this after 2:30 the criticism should ve been left for after the game has been played. even though it sounds like youve played it before, again making another point as to why this video has no point.

  5. Did not expect this game to be covered on YouTube still. Found this and some videos from this year too, I remember this piece of shit back from Newgrounds, I was never able to finish it and I stopped playing after the stupid bathroom scene. Fucking severed head .jpg or something instead of art.

  6. I'll admit, I was scared by this game when I was younger.  But, I was maybe just out of Jr. High at the time, so I was a dumb kid.  The thing that scared me was really more the basic setup of walking to the front door, and finding it ajar, with blood on the doorway.

    That said, it's dumb as hell.

  7. guess game wasnt scary how bad it is but when u think about this shit can happen for real so scary thoughts come in ur head when playing this but that just me 

  8. Sorry about that. Really annoying glitch on Youtube's end. I think they've fixed it.

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