Game Grumps Animated – All Down To Buntd



Welp, this took longer to make than I wanted it to, but here it is! I think it was about 3-4 months… I had to put it off and come back to it a lot of times because of personal matters, but I’m glad it’s finally finished!

I wanted to try my hand at actual animation instead of the usual easy stuff that I’ve been putting out. I even colored everything and threw in some effects! Had to watch a lot of battles from the anime to get a good idea on how to make it. I also kinda used the scenery from Origins when Red fights Blue, just added a seating area for Dan.

With that said, I most likely won’t be animating something like this again just because of how long it takes. I might make it a “every now and then” kind of thing, but going back to the animatic style for now, I’ll be able to make longer videos and put them out faster; that way we can all be happy. It’s more fun for me too~ All in all, it was a new experience and I’m glad I did it. Hope everyone likes it!

Episode used:

Battle theme used:

A super special Kirby thanks to:
Andrew Cho
Jonathan Herrera
Spencer Hopfauf
Edwin Albarran
Zachary Stockmal
Carter Hoyle

Tools used:
Adobe Flash


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47 thoughts on “Game Grumps Animated – All Down To Buntd

  1. This is like how every sports team has a point in their career where every fan thinks of and just goes "DAMN". that's what this battle is to me

  2. The fact that Arin forgets that Bug types moves are super effective against Psychic types after using them against Sabrina is annoying

  3. I did the same thing with Butterfree level 84 Dream Eater poison powder sleep powder paralysis powder = apex predator 🦋

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