Google Breakout EASTER EGG Game HACKS! 「Autoplay, Sprite Swaps, and MORE!」

Công Nghệ

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19 thoughts on “Google Breakout EASTER EGG Game HACKS! 「Autoplay, Sprite Swaps, and MORE!」

  1. game codes are also hacks because the original device codes, such as binary number that
    program and hack

  2. function automove() {
    var ball = document.getElementById('breakout-ball')
    var paddle = document.getElementById('breakout-paddle')

    var leftVal = parseInt(, 10)
    var paddleWidth = parseFloat(, 10) / 2 = (leftval – paddleWidth) + 'px'

    setTimeout(autoMove, 20)


  3. If u use this comment for ur next vid can u give a shoutout to my channel? U should do hacks for google’s Zerg rush

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