How to Convert Text to Numbers in Excel (5 Ways!)

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How to Convert Text to Numbers in Excel – learn how to correct this very common Excel issue with 5 different methods. Such issues usually occur when you copy numbers from another type of document (Word or Notepad etc.)
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What is covered in this Excel tutorial:
1. How to differentiate numbers in text format and in number format
2. Here are the 5 different ways in which this can be done
a) How to use Smart Tags to convert text to numbers
b) How to use the Text to Columns feature
c) How to use Paste Special option
d) How to use Value function
e) How to use Replace comma

This video is created by Ramgopal from Presentation Process in Excel 2016 for Office 365. Visit for more.
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22 thoughts on “How to Convert Text to Numbers in Excel (5 Ways!)

  1. If have number in alphabetical "E" and after "E" have "000" then how we convert text to number like 09146E000 please help me

  2. LIKE, THANK YOU…. I can do more complex stuff but now that the smart label did not automatically appeared in my number list I was stumped.

  3. I have seen yr video "How to convert Text to Numbers". It is secondary way to fix the problem. I would like u to help me with primary solution i.e. how to avoid the data to b saved / copied in text format.
    i have a user form with 13 column (13 Textbox) to input the data on the worksheet1, the same data is captured into a listbox of 13 column. Even though i had formated the cells to currency "##0.00", the data that i input from textbox automatically gets converted to text into that pre-formated worksheet1, can u suggest any vba code so that the data when loaded into worksheet, it is in numerical format.
    Also when the same data captured into listbox should be in currency form ie "##0.00". I also have to perform calculation in the textbox before the data is loaded into worksheet and captured into listbox.
    Plz share ur contact number so that i can explain my doubts in depth.

  4. Hello,

    After converting the text into numbers, we are unable to apply basic formula like autosum …. Can you please check and let us know…

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