How to fix Platform Update for Windows (KB2670838) Error

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How to fix Platform Update for Windows (KB2670838) Error-platform update for windows 7-kb2670838 update-platform update for windows 7 not installing-platform update for windows 7 not applicable-platform update for windows 7 not working.

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I get the following error message/notification while try to install the kodi on my windows 7 pc:

Kodi Setup

Platform Update for Windows (KB2670838) is required.

Download and install Platform Update for Windows then run setup again.


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This error solution is common for windows 7,windows 7 sp1,windows 8,windows 8.1,windows 10 32 bit and 64 bit also.

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1.Goto google search “platform update for windows 7” then choose first link.

2.Now download that file and install it.

3.After the installation is completed and then again try to install your software.

4.Finally the problem is solved.


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22 thoughts on “How to fix Platform Update for Windows (KB2670838) Error

  1. Right click on Kodi icon, click properties. Click on compatibility tab, and click 'Run this program in compatibility mode for: Then click on windows service pack 2. Click OK then youre good to install.

  2. Es wird beim Installationsversuch angezeigt, Update für Windows (KB2670838) ist bereits auf dem Computer installiert, Das Problem besteht weiter.

  3. its the architecture of windows vs Kodi, when installing kodi, right click on it and troubleshoot compatibility windows xp sp2, it will install fine.kodi is built of an older program.

  4. nice how u only respond to the people who it worked for, but for the people who need help and it wont work for you ignore.

  5. i installed platform update and it still won't work. It's a shame kodi used to be decent now it's turning to shit.

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