How to Install Oracle SQL Developer

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This video explains how to install SQL Developer.

Oracle’s SQL Developer is a free SQL IDE, which allows you to write and run SQL statements on an Oracle database. It can be used with Oracle Express, or the full version of Oracle database.

In summary, the steps are:
1. Download SQL Developer from
2. Optionally, download the JDK from the same page
3. Extract the ZIP files
4. Optionally, install the JDK
5. Run SQL Developer
6. Set up a connection to your database

SQL Developer has improved over the last few years and it’s a great IDE to use for your development. It’s recommended by many in the industry, and it’s easy to set up as well.

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14 thoughts on “How to Install Oracle SQL Developer

  1. Hi . When I open the sql developer , it says TNS file does not exists in the welcome page . I have installed jdk 8 and the latest sql developer .
    Pls help !

  2. The network adptor could not establish the connection: i really don't understand how to trouble shoot this problem can u make it simple to me?

  3. Thank you!!! In my university we study oracle and we have to install virtual machine so I appreciate your work!

  4. After double click on SQL developer it is not asking for Java path.
    At the time of db connection getting error. Test failed network adapter could not establish the connection
    Please help

  5. All very good up until 'entering your password' which I wasn't asked for when I installed it. What gives?

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