UPDATE December 2019 – EA Sports no longer supports this feature. Current bug in the system fails to upload game face in the final stage. Unfortunately there is no fix and EA do not intend to resolve that.

→THIS VIDEO: Welcome to the updated tutorial on how to create a game face within the EA series of compatible games.

Please drop your questions and queries in the comments below and ill get back to you ASAP.

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  1. Bro i don't have the game yet but i made my face game and when i go back to the site i found the get started page not my game face is it deleted?

  2. where do you reccomend to find clear photos of the celeb athletes or whatever you want to put in the game google images isnt that good.

  3. I done my character but in the game UFC 3 when I do the download don't work, it say me impossible download try more later.. have you got a solution? Please

  4. Is Gameface for free because I really want to get it but my Dad stopped me for getting it because he was worried that it be one of those EA things which they say is for free but then it's goes for a large amount of payments so is it

  5. Does this work today or will I be wasting my time ? I don't have a computer so I'll have to go outa my way to do this

  6. My Character in ufc Looks like shit compared to the Simulation on Computer that i created wtf its bullshit

  7. Today i tried for 5 hours, i took the picture and import to game face, but in the final step my face look like a trash, so disgusting, i don't know what to do, cause i try and try and the result are the sames, please help, i took the photos in hd

  8. Does anyone else get the problem where the game face won't let you reposition your face? Like moving the actual image to align with the marked box ?

  9. why is it everything linked to EA is complete garbage, I sign in and it takes me to their website instead of the game face page wtf man

  10. yo iv'e been on this for hours, and just saw your description.
    iv'e done everything right but it just saiz ''there was an error uploading your game face plz try again later''
    do u know when EA will get this working again?

  11. I can’t seem to position my photo at all. I can only zoom out to make it centered to the best of my ability.

  12. I got a question? Can you go on my EA account and make KSI💛I will understand stand if you say no.Keep up the grind Legend🥊❤️🦾

  13. It’s not working I cleared cookies and catch and history and it didn’t work.I also tried switch to fire fox and still it doesn’t work.

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