JFJ Easy Pro: The $135 Disc Repair System – Unboxing & Review!


The JFJ Easy Pro is a disc resurfacing machine which allows you to properly repair CD, DVD, and Blu-ray discs properly by removing scratches from the bottom of the disc. None of those at-home remedies like using Brasso or buying something cheap such as a Disc Doctor/Skip Doctor are methods I have ever recommended. Cleaning discs can help to get rid of smudges and such, but actually removing scratches can only properly be done using a resurfacing machine such as this!

I’ve used a few resurfacing machines and have repaired/restored thousands of discs over my lifetime thanks to working at a game shop for a few years. The JFJ Easy Pro is a much more affordable setup than what many local game shops or rental shops might use, but how effective is it? And more importantly: is it worth the money? Watch the review to find out!

Check out a full tutorial of this in action!

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34 thoughts on “JFJ Easy Pro: The $135 Disc Repair System – Unboxing & Review!

  1. Haven’t watched the whole review yet but if this is legit, then it’s a way to fix all my yard sale finds for the price of 2 and a half new games.

  2. I had a few games on the PS2, put them through the JFJ Easy Pro, the white compound got permanently stuck on the discs. That really pissed me off

  3. I recently bought one of these and have managed to restore a few games the only thing I can't figure out how to get it all shiny and nice looking if you have any tips that would be great

  4. There was a Family Video near me that just a few months ago shut down and got turned into a grocery store I used to bring my disks to get resurfaced they had a monster of a unit that could be loaded with 100 disks and it would work through them all in a few minutes automatically and they always did it for me for free so this thing seems like a pretty cool option.

  5. I'm a bit late to the club as it's taken me 9months to find one of these upgrade packages in Australia. Hope they're as good as you make them sound 🙂

  6. @MrKario2011 you can use car detailing products costs cheaper and u get more. as for pads u can but in bundle on ebay, just measure the size of the pads. i bought 10 pads for 20 bucks.
    as for the liquid spray i use

    Lucas Oil LUC10160 Blue Slick Mist or any other quality shakable detailing spray

  7. I have one of these and after the machine has buffered the disc you can still see micro scratches on the disc.

  8. Hey mymario, great video. I have been eyeing one of these for a while but I am torn when I got to there website they have the combo pack with the eyecon mini machine and this one you reviewed. Do you know anything about that machine? Their website isn't the great in terms of trying to figure it out. Just wondering if I should pay the extra $$$ and get both machines. I have a fairly large movie collection and have started picking up a large selection used movies that need to be cleaned. I'm not going to lie when I saw the recommendation for the car polish/compound I laughed so hard. I use that stuff for my car.

  9. I may get this. I know you didn’t recommend it if I have under 50 games. But I went out of my way 30-45 mins out looking for any place to offer disc repair and none offer it. This seems to be my only option

  10. @MrMario2011 – Today is 11/15/2019 so it has been quite awhile you posted this video! Thank you so much! does the machine still works great? Amazon reviews says machine don't last long, please advise!! Thank you!!!

  11. Good Grief! What a space consuming, time consuming, expensive mess! I’ll continue to use my motorized Skip Dr’s which have worked well for years with only a distilled water and alcohol solution. Have resurfaced and sold thousands of CD, DVD and game discs on Amazon with no complaints. Won’t do deep scratches, but I throw those away. Tip: A wheel will do many more than you think! One minute time.

  12. I have had ad easy pro + for a few years they work pretty good. I hardly ever use it so the compound goes bad before I use it all and the compound and pads are pretty expensive.

  13. I was actually debating over buying a jfj or a venmill 3500. There is one locally that’s being sold second hand. Apparently these went for $1700usd new $1200 refurbished. Not liquid or polish based machine; it uses a buff wheel and an anti static solution. May actually go for the commercial grade one as I buy and resell heaps of gaming things !

  14. A Internet friend of mine from Texas bought one of these machines. He told me, it actually fucking work!

  15. If I were to get this I would only use it with ps1, ps2, OG xbox, and 360 games. I wouldn't use it with ps3, ps4 and xbox one games.

  16. I have wanted an affordable disc resurfacer since I first started buying cds in the 1990s. I was so dissatisfied with the disk doctor that I was so sure I needed, and had to save up for as a kid. I am finally willing to pull the trigger on one of these! I have tons of disc based media I have collected over my lifetime, and now I can shop in the cheap scratched section of my local swap shop. Flea markets near me would sale disc that were obviously repaired from the swap shop because they still retained the permanent marker letters “VS” which stood for very scratched. You can remove permanent marker on disc using dry erase markers coloring over it then using a tissue to wipe it off. You can use alcohol too, but it can destroy the original paint on the disc also. It is best to be careful. I really appreciate you dropping the tip to use that rubbing then polishing compound! I have some aluminum wheel polish I was thinking of using as some people use it to buff their foggy headlights. There is also a meguiar’s plastx polish that looks interesting. I really plan on enjoying messing around with the resurfacer when it comes in, and its because of your video. THANKS A BUNCH!

  17. Is there a better and more professional option for PS1 and Sega Saturn games. I mean a pro resurfacing machine which removes every single scratch and makes it look 100% mint if the disc had only tiny small scratches from before on.

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