Knockout Board Game #4241, 1991 Milton Bradley Toys


​​​Don’t Let The Wall Fall! In This Whackin’ Stackin’ Game! Watch as I put my skills to the test!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I was really looking forward to playing this game on a video. I think I had more fun just building the blocks and knocking them down. It is fun with a group of people and is very much like Jenga or other black games where you have to build a tower then carefully remove blocks without knocking it over. I also thought the little game cubes would make great display pieces for your collection of figures.


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Knockout Board Game Milton Bradley #4241 – 1991

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46 thoughts on “Knockout Board Game #4241, 1991 Milton Bradley Toys

  1. I remember when I was about 3 every time I visited my grandparents house i would play this game, assembling the wall and trying to make it fall. Once I even stacked the blocks and tried to knock the top off without disturbing the other blocks and if i did, i would punch the wall and make the pieces scatter everywhere. I loved this game…

  2. I Watch Your Board games In 2016 and The Oher stuff too LIke mcdonalds,Pepsi Talking vending machine and others!

  3. i have watched almost all of ur vids and i cant stop watching them are u able to make some more vids with butch

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  5. Awesome vid make more Minecraft Im a huge fan if you like Minecraft then play Minecraft i make Minecraft maps peace dude

  6. Me and my classmates made the wall without the cardboard.And we played the game until the tower breaks no matter what even if the knockout block hasn't fallen.we also kept our blocks that we drilled.

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