Madden 21 Face of The Franchise — NFL Street Style Mode with Crazy Customizations? | How to Fix FoF


I think Maddens Face of The Franchise series is how they are going to compete with the new 2K Football 2021 arcade style football game. A perfect time to bring back a NFL Street style mode and I know how this can all happen with CFM getting the attention it deserves, Madden just needs to do what Call of Duty does…..


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31 thoughts on “Madden 21 Face of The Franchise — NFL Street Style Mode with Crazy Customizations? | How to Fix FoF

  1. the new story arcs are okay but they need more smh more customization and bring back face scans etc smh

  2. Face of the franchise was soooo bad. I can’t believe they released the game like that lol no detail and it was really short

  3. The biggest problem I see is 2k has this crazy ass career mode AND the ability to customize your league however you want. I can make an arena with a meme popping up every 5 seconds if I wanted to. I could customize uniforms in any way I could think of AND add expansion teams. You get classic rosters, classic draft classes, and so much in the base game. I’ll never understand how they continue to ignore these basic ass requests and pretend they’re putting forth any effort.

  4. so the fifa game has 2 studios but madden has only 1 . the only reason i will be ok with current gen not have much FM thins done is if next gen has more if thats not the case they are missing out . look what happened from ps3 to ps4 they had to scrap the whole FM and start over

  5. i would 10 times rather have Face of the Frachise be like 2K MyCareer , than just a coaching carousel.

  6. This is they shooting themselves in the foot, cuz I'm going to get the 2K for the arcade. So that eventually 2K can make a sim game and then I'll buy it, because EA has taken so many things out of there games and then bringing it back like a new feature. They laugh at us and take our money. Anything to destroy the monopoly I'm for it.

  7. One thing that separates nba games from football is the tendency sliders making every player feel unique past the attributes

  8. If the dev team would just drop the NFL Head Coach stuff into the game, likely everyone would be satisfied. They don't have to remove MUT just use the template they ALREADY have from Head Coach and us Franchise guys could leave them alone for awhile. I know it's never enough for some people but it would definitely buy EA some time and goodwill. Just my thoughts…

  9. The reason why EA doesn’t really focus on franchise mode is because they are trying to get players to go and play ultimate team. EA doesn’t care about making the game fun, they just care about making money and they make their money by getting players to play ultimate team and buy madden points. Hell, that’s how EA gets the majority of it’s money. So how does EA get people to play ultimate team? By making all the other modes in madden complete shit. I truly have no respect for EA and I refuse to pay $60 for a madden game that has been the same for the past couple of years. For crying out loud, EA still won’t add fucking mouth guards to the game.

  10. My only question is how would they arrange the weeks bc it’s a 16 games season compared to a 82 game season nfl would go by tooo fast

  11. If madden got a 2k type career mode, it would be awesome, but 2k was able to evolve the MyLeague mode at the same time career mode was evolving, and madden doesn’t seem to be able to do that.

  12. They just need to make franchise a whole separate game and use ncaa team builder and head coach mode.. I dont want to play this fof bullshit

  13. I think they should try to make their career mode kinda with a mixture of how UFC 3s career mode is and kinda something like 2k combined

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