My Commercial Aircraft Drawings – [1080P HD]

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Finally after the lack of video in a long time, The new realistic aircraft drawings is now released! All of these drawing are made by me! most of them are drawn with pencil but there are also few colored pencil works as well.

these drawings were ordered from oldest to newest so you can see how much my drawing skill have changed over time

Also a BIG thanks to 737boeing8, insanegaming2010 and NachoJFX as their airplane drawings inspire me to continue on drawings again and put my own drawings on Youtube!


10 May 2014 – Thanks for 200 Likes and 20000+ Views!
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November 2016 – 600+ Likes and 90000+ Views!
6 February 2017 – 664 Likes and 100000+ Views!
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Q: Why is the first 737 MAX at the beginning lacks the AT Winglets?

A: because it was made back in 2011, before Boeing released the picture of 737 MAX with current AT winglet design in 2012

Q: You stole these from: AugmentedB737 or B737TheAirliner blah blah blah

A: And you will be proven wrong, They are all one and the same person, AugmentedB737 and B737TheAirliner were my original username on Youtube and DeviantART respectively before i change it to A320TheAirliner.

Q: Could you do a timelapse please?

A: Sorry, i couldn’t do that, that would take too long as my drawings usually take at least 3-4 days to finish, I also take a break a lot while working on these drawings.


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47 thoughts on “My Commercial Aircraft Drawings – [1080P HD]

    Hello there, Long time no see, Here's a preview for my second realistic plane drawing video.
    It's been seven years since I last upload my plane drawing video here on YT.

  2. I am the best plane drawer in my class But even I can’t draw like those. (Bro You need to Try Drawing A AN-255)

  3. Corona virus lockdown and im watching a video about a guys commercial aircraft drawings..they are good though

  4. I thought that you just downloaded the planes off the internet and then made them into paintings through some program but there does exist some minor flaws so I am really impressed. This is the best work I have ever seen and I would without a doubt buy a poster of your drawings and put it on my wall. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow! I love to draw airplanes too, but you are the best! Do you have advices so I can make a better draw? (Especially for the nose of the plane)

  6. Please can you do tutorials pleaseee + i subbed to your channel and ive got some drawings on my channel aswell can you please watch that

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