Nintendo Gameboy DMG-01 Restoration and Mods


I recently got an original Gameboy as a bonus with an eBay haul. In this video, I build a USB power cable for it, add a backlight and bivert mod to the screen and retrobright the case to its original color.

Here’s the backlight/bivert tutorial I used (German, but the connection pictures are nicely color coded):

The music used for the soldering/timelapse portions of the video is called “8-Bit wannabe” and was kindly provided by Focus 10 aka Øystein Hansen. Thank you! Check out more of his work here:

“8-bit wannabe” is now also available as a single from CDBaby/iTunes/Spotify:

Edit: Just noticed that I left the intro text unedited. I’m just going to leave it like that for giggles… Shame on me… 😉

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Equipment and tools I use are listed here:


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20 thoughts on “Nintendo Gameboy DMG-01 Restoration and Mods

  1. Ha! Forgot to edit the intro text. facepalm I'm just going to leave it like that for giggles. Sorry for that. 😉

  2. I will never understand why it took Nintendo TWELVE YEARS (till the GameBoy Advance SP came out with the first backlit display) to get the idea to solder two LEDs at the lower bottom or the back of the screen to make the original GameBoy actual usable……….. In every condition and not only when sitting under a window with brightest sunlight ;D

  3. Hi, ich weiß dass das schon ein älteres Video ist, aber es wäre möglich die toten horizontalen Linien mit einer heatgun wieder zu beleben. Das ribbon cable ist leider deutlich empfindlicher als das Untere, das ist einfacher zu reparieren. Hast Du noch etwas an dem Gameboy gemacht? Viele Grüße

  4. That polariser needs to be flat and have no bubbles or you will get an inconsistant image. I find it better just to place it on the backlight with sticking it down, it will stay in place inside the screen.

  5. For what I remember it's the only old episode I'vent properly watched yet, so let's watch it so I can properly watch qto ur future 1 may 2020 episode hehe

  6. its nice that it is functional, however, what a messy mod. that wiring job yo. lol my 3 year old nephew could kick your ass 🙂

  7. That battery compartment is super corroded. That reminds me of my game boy. I had a battery explode on me and it leaked juice into the PCB. I had to turn it into a repair shop to get it fixed. I don't remember what that cost. But I was without it for a while. I did get it back and working eventually.

  8. After going all savage with the screen I was pretty sure you had destroyed the horizontal ribbon connections. Turns out it can take some punishment though. Interesting video.
    EDIT: Oh, well, the horizontal ribbon cable connection was damaged after all :/

  9. I started a petition for the resumption of production of the games for the Gameboy and for the SNES:

    I would be glad if you would sign the petition.

    Many thanks.

  10. If I got an OG Game Boy I’d keep it stock, I have a Game Boy Color AMD Advance SP to play it’s games.

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