Optimizing Your Metatags


Optimizing Your Metatags.

Title Tag –

The FIRST LINE SEEN (example below) – Your Title tag should be anywhere between 70-112 characters – not words.  And we suggest trying to utilize all the space.  A way to test this is to go to any of your web pages and hover over your internet browser tab that shows the browser title for that page.  If any words are “cut-off” it’s too long!  To be considered search engine “friendly” stick to the 70-112 characters.  Stick to page relevancy for every page.

You may use any of the following separators as we’ve seen them all.  The “,” will allow for an extra word or two if you need it.

“|” (up and down slash)

“,” (comma)

“-” (hyphen)

“:” (colon)

Description Tag –

This section can be “sentence format” and should include a catchy phrase including your search related phrases (be page specific).  This is where Google captures a portion of the description and it’s shown in the search results – so think about it…what will make that viewer click on your site versus the other 9 that are on page 1?  We suggest approx. 150-200 characters and the catchy phrase as the second sentence.  We’ve seen all different numbers for this section.  So this is a personal opinion.

Keywords Tag –

Not that this really even matters anymore…but it’s good to have keywords just focusing on search phrases relevant to the page, all lower case, separated with a “,” and a space between.

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