Pixel Art Class 4 – Character Sprite Build!

Công Nghệ

Hey, this is E4 of my series on everything pixel art! Today we’re putting our stylus to the canvas and actually making a sprite for our little “Love Note” concept character. Next episode, we’ll cover detailing and finalising the sprite 🙂



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Later, pals!

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22 thoughts on “Pixel Art Class 4 – Character Sprite Build!

  1. i always wanted to learn Pixel art, so i dont have to always depend on Sprites from the internet to make sprite animations

    also to make animations for some characters that dont have sprites online

  2. Came here for pixel art… ended up learning more about drawing characters and eyes than I have in years

  3. BRO YOU'RE LEFT HANDED THAT'S SO COOL I'm left handed aswell, when using a tablet it's very annoying to hit the shortcut keys on the keyboard because they're meant for the left hand by default so we either have to cross our hands, or constantly take our left hand off the tablet and into the keyboard. The buttons on the tablet itself are a life saver but there's only like 4 to 6.

  4. Hi Reza Rahadian, thanks for the tutorial. this realy help for a non-artist background like me to build assets for my game.

  5. Hi Adam, i’m having trouble deciding what the character size should be, for example for a 2d pixel art game are there a standard size it should be?

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