Pixel Art on the go, Pixel Studio – Do you need a computer?

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Thank you so much for watching my videos!
Be sure to share your journey of being a creative person
Down in the comments below, I’d love to hear how your
Progress is going, Pixel art, Traditional drawing or 3D.

Stay Creative!
– Love Mort ♥

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41 thoughts on “Pixel Art on the go, Pixel Studio – Do you need a computer?

  1. I've been an artist for a couple years now and only just got into pixel art. In fact, this app is what I'm using 😅 I've been using a stylus to draw on my phone because I dont have a computer and it's worked out nicely so far for regular drawings. Hopefully itll be the same for this pixel art app. Thank you for reviewing this, it helped me get more into it and want to try to be better at it.

  2. This app used to be in 5k downloads before but its already a great pixel art app in the first place. And now Mort reviews the app meaning its the best pixel art app right now

  3. Hello sir! Can you make a comparision between Pixly and Pixel Studio, because IMO, I like pixly than pixel studio. The developer made it free, no ads and the ui is user friendly.
    Edit: It has animations that is pretty neat, has also the timer, set to all and etc.

  4. Just an idea, put some quiet background music just to disguise the mic monitoring, but otherwise a great video

  5. Im so glad you tried it, i make most of my pixel art on it and it was so helpful, i've been getting more complex with it over the weeks i have it, mostly doing deviantart icons on it though

  6. hey, i challenge you to use a pallet called "JB4" it can be found in Lospec… https://lospec.com/palette-list/jb4.ase (¿is that a correct link?). Well, Graphics Gale Also allows you to add a different speed to each frame.

  7. Would this perhaps be more useful for making edits instead of making whole sprites from scratch? Also, I'm jealous of your girlfriend.

  8. One of the best pixel art softwares I’ve used without a doubt, it has most if not all the essential tools and best of all its portable!

  9. MortMort im developing an rpg game because thats been my dream since 10 years old and right now im 13 and I have been learning how to code and I need to get an rpg character but im not that good at pixel art and lately I been watching your videos and I loved your pixel art and I was wondering if you would like to make a collab of making the game with me. We could talk of the details of the game in dm.

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