Pixel car racer Fast and furious low 6 second tunes

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This video features fast and furious cars. I’ve made the best tunes for them right now in the low 6.3 range but every tune is different. Stay tuned to get even faster tunes. Please like and subscribe and comment. And stay tuned for my next video I’ll will showing the most elite and rare things in crates. Just stay tuned.

pt1 6 second tune

Fast and furious pt2 low 6.3 second tune

Corvette 6 second tune

6.133 second 1/4″mini tune

BMW M4 GTS 6 second tune

Dom’s charger r/t 6 second tune

Pixel car racer UPDATE veliside rx7 gt500 low 6 second tunes

Pixel car racer HOW to make custom vinyls

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36 thoughts on “Pixel car racer Fast and furious low 6 second tunes

  1. Why all people are asking you like it's Amateur gUys.
    I have a fast GTR with no tunes no nos. And it's still fast as my balls are peeing.

  2. Bom fim semana é só falar cm está em anexo os kids estão com a sua atenção para o seu contato e me enviar o meu nome é Maria da Conceição e o que você não for o

  3. 269k wow. Lol I never thought I'd have any video with this many views. Thanks guys. Again sorry. About the audio.

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