Plants vs Zombies 2 Epic Hack : Team Plants Starting Boost – Ultimate Power Up Part 6

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Plants vs Zombies 2 : It’s About Time!
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In this video, I am showing you guys some crazy presentation of having all plants planted using the fastest fingers in the world… LOL…

In this crazy video I got 4 teams and all games are started with all tiles planted with Tile Turnips and each columns are planted by a single type of plants which are starting boost tricks…. First goal is to fill the whole board or screen with all plants. Second is once we got them all planted, we’ll power up everthing and see how beautiful it would be.. Lastly, Eliminate all Gargantuars….

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41 thoughts on “Plants vs Zombies 2 Epic Hack : Team Plants Starting Boost – Ultimate Power Up Part 6

  1. Like si encuentras la letra dela planta con las letras i si encontraste el nombre de la planta escribe en lo comentarios 11111111111111111112233456800865532268la 18817273829292738393938288nsa100202929302020203003020200202039383837guisante2020010102938363929163939s

  2. Everyone what is the purple plant that can make a same power up sender and who is it tell me in the comments

  3. I run my power of a potato so I can’t even make it past the the future levels…

    Do u run your power off 62 power plants?

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