Plants vs. Zombies 2 Puffball Official Gameplay

Công Nghệ

The second video of the new update!
Here is the official gameplay of the new plant Puffball. Hope you like it!
Huge thanks to ErnestoAM!
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38 thoughts on “Plants vs. Zombies 2 Puffball Official Gameplay

  1. Bruh at first I thought there was a dead zone but nope it kills at the same rate no matter what I think it better than cherry bomb with that good of area effect they both look like same cooldown and the same cost

  2. Fun fact, the puffball is a group of fungi that release brown puffs of spores when their mature fruitbody is struck or receives an impact. That’s likely where this plant is inspired from!

  3. I know that's a fungus and it's poisonous but I know that now because when I was little I found that fungus and opened it

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