Playboy Plus HD – Emilee Ann Miller

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Emilee Ann Miller in Solo Affair

Playboy Muse, Emilee Ann Miller, celebrates her fifth solo pictorial on the set of a quiet apartment with the photographer, Tina Louise. Dressed in pink silk lingerie, Emilee pours a drink as she tells us more about herself. “I was a major tomboy when I was a kid,” she says. “I would wear camouflage almost every day, and my dad and I would hunt for our meals.” Now a full-time model, Emilee is dedicated to her career. “I put forth incredible effort into anything or anyone I’m passionate about,” she smiles. “I come alive in front of the camera and enjoy being able to release and be in the moment.” When it comes to dating, Emilee looks for a deep connection. “A perfect first date? Any intimate setting where you have the opportunity to really get to know the person,” she shares.



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