Playboy Plus HD Special Edition – Scarlet Sage

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Scarlet Sage in Uncovered

Scarlett Sage lets her personality shine through in her episode of “Uncovered” for Playboy Plus. Chances are, you’re likely to see Scarlett with a smile on her face. “I try to be here, happy, lift people up, and have a positive attitude,” she says. “I love to be happy, smiling, and laughing — it’s my favorite me.” When it comes to her career, Scarlett has built a brand that she is proud of. “My passion is my work in the industry,” she says. “I always think, ‘I get to have sex with these beautiful women, and I get paid for it?!’ It amazes me that this is my life!” As far as dating, Scarlett enjoys the company of someone lighthearted. “Someone that can make me laugh and makes an effort,” she says. “Someone with a great personality and communication skills!”



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