Pokemon Multiverse – Red vs Ash (Kalos team)


Pokemon Multiverse: Counterpart Clash! – Red vs Ash (Kalos team)

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Two trainers from two different universes go head to head in an epic battle. The question of which trainer is the creme de la creme of these counterparts will be answered!

This is NOT a playable rom hack, therefore I can’t provide any download links for it. Sorry : (

Music credits (in order):

Pallet Town RBY Remix by Sonicwave1000
Trainer Red Epic Remix by DjTheFishHead

Other Credits:

Trainer Red Backsprite by Gabo200
Trainer Red VS Sprite/Mugshot by iTheRealPikachuV2
Ash (Kalos outfit) Front Sprite by JustinStockert
Ash (Kalos outfit) Overworld Sprites by moi, edited from Ash (Sinnoh outfit) Overworld Sprites by Jonas64
Gen 6 Pokemon Sprites by Pokecommunity Forums
Pokemon series by Gamefreak, Creatures Inc and Nintendo.

Made in Pokemon SoulSilver Version. Ash’s team is based on his Kalos region team from the Pokemon XY and Z series of the anime.

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31 thoughts on “Pokemon Multiverse – Red vs Ash (Kalos team)

  1. buuu we want ash red is pathetic a good for nothing that only wins for mega evolutions and for the legendary

  2. Red and Gary battled Ash and Bule And there Both choose Lapras And Pikachu On The Same Level also that we be so crazy and awesome

  3. I see you’ve completely helped Red beat Ash and gave Ash no credit for his Techniques and battling style. Ash Ketchum’s Pikachu should’ve been able to put a spectacular fight but you deliberately switched between Red’s Pokémon now and then, giving him an unfair advantage. Trainers that look for advantages aren’t the best.

  4. 3:58 damn never would think a Pikachu’s Volt Tackle would be that powerful to leave that much hp on Snorlax 😟

  5. Ash fans:this is rigged
    Me:Bruh.. its depends on the game mechanics and the intelligence of the player or the npc its kinda rigged cuz red knew what ash was gonna sent out

  6. (me before watching) lemme guess… Ash doesn't win
    (me after watching) well, surprise surprise… I was right

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