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A playthrough of Toho’s 1994 license-based action game for the SNES, Super Godzilla.

With Godzilla: King of the Monsters releasing in theaters last week, I thought it only appropriate to revisit one of my favorite licensed-based games on the SNES.

The 8 and 16-bit Godzilla games tended to be quite a strange breed. You might expect a game featuring giant city-destroying mutants to play out like a beat ’em up, but oddly enough, many of the early ones didn’t. The NES got two Godzilla strategy games, while the Gameboy got a puzzle game. Seriously.

And then we come to Super Godzilla. I actually have no idea how to qualify this style of gameplay – I’ve never played another game like it. I guess it could be described as a kaiju walking simulator of sorts, wherein the titular 80,000 ton lizard regularly gets accosted by other giant creatures as well as aggressive alien drones that resemble subway cars floating beds of ball bearings.

You have to steer Japan’s favorite harbinger of doom across six different areas, searching for clues and power-ups, wiping out attack drones, and finally, going toe-to-toe with the likes of Biollante, King Ghidorah, Battra, Mecha-Godzilla, Mecha-King Ghidorah, or Bagan before being shuttled along to the next area.

You stomp around primarily using the tiny little map at the bottom of the screen, and this is so that the majority of the screen can be used to show giant close-ups of Godzilla doing his thing. The icons on the map indicate all points of interest, including important bits of info that’ll help in finishing the mission.

After you’ve stomped around for awhile and and landed yourself under attack, you are presented with a super quirky battle system that feels a bit like tug-of-war. You punch the enemy, and then start backing up to build power for your attack. The farther back you walk, the more attack power you build, but you lose all power if you’re attacked before letting off your move. It’s very simple, but it’s an easy system (however unconventional) to grasp.

So like I said, it’s fairly difficult to categorize this one. I think that’s probably why I like it so much – it feels distinctly like how I had always imagined controlling Godzilla would feel. The plodding pace of the game makes it truly feel like you are in control of a skyscraper with legs, and though the animation is pretty limited, the pixel art is fantastic, as is the sound. All of the classic roars and attack sounds are crystal clear, and the music does a nice job of mimicking the old-school kaiju soundtracks.

It’s neither a difficult nor long game and the gameplay is fairly anaemic, but to leave it at that would be to sell the game short. It succeeds at making you feel as if you were in control of Godzilla, and there was a lot of care and effort into making it look and sound as much like the movies as possible.

If that sounds good to you, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I did. If that sounds totally unappealing, you’re probably better off giving it a wide berth. What you see is what you get with Super Godzilla, and this one really is a huge question of personal taste.

*I had previously done a recording of Super Godzilla, but it was getting old and the picture was a bit fuzzy, so this is a brand new, 60fps HD playthrough to replace it.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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50 thoughts on “Super Godzilla (SNES) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

  1. This game took me so long to beat because I had to hit every special point , and it always bothered me there weren’t any ways to save progress. Still, thank you for this. I woke up thinking about it lol. It’s nice to see an obscure game from my childhood that I cherished.

  2. what controls do you press when i tried it i couldnt know what to do so tell what to do to play that game because i only have a xbox

  3. This is a good start for a Godzilla game like this. I think they should try again just add selectable monsters after you complete the main story like Godzilla VS (PS4) and also have a Vs mode! Story mode with Godzilla or Story with other monsters that have somewhat unique stories to each, and a VS mode, Online and offline just have a VS mode. Selection on skins for Goji and the others Showa, Hesei, Millennium, Legendary skins. All that jazz

  4. This was one of the first games I beat when I was a kid I wish my snes and collection didn't get stolen loved this game only thing I thought was weird was you had to turn it off or rest at the end didn't go back to title screen like most games do

  5. I played this as a kid, and it was actually really hard to coordinate attacks. I never beat it, but I loved I as a kid

  6. One of my favorite game of snes, I still have the game. AVGN has poor taste of game cause he hated Godzilla 2, Super Godzilla and Godzilla PS4 which I though great godzilla games.

  7. Godzilla shooting energy from his tail in his "final form"?

    Pffft, yeah right, like THAT would ever happen in one of the movies, am I right?

  8. I’m fine with the fighting parts it’s just the moving around the terrain before the fights that killed me about this game.

  9. I remember as a kid not being sure if this game was bad or if I just sucked at it.

    I love the attack animations they make me wish this had just been a turn based RPG

  10. Ghidora is a transgendered female and Godzilla is a metaphor for Trump putting transgendered people in those death camps at the southern border.

  11. This is a blast from the past. If memory serves, holding the D pad speeds up Godzilla a little bit. Neither Super Godzilla or Bagan unleashed their ultimate attacks. Sad face

  12. I still love playing this game on emulator from time to time.

    It's cool how the US release uses the older Black Hole aliens MechaGodzilla (the original version uses MechaGodzilla II) because MechaGodzilla II wasn't available internationally yet and so most US audiences wouldn't recognize it.

    I also remember being able to (only once each)…

    – Reach the second Battra before it could mutate. (Gotta love how it just pops like a balloon, as the video shows.)

    – Get the S Energy and become Super Godzilla against Mecha King Ghidorah and just barely being able to reach him before Tokyo was 50% destroyed (a few seconds after being warned about 45% being destroyed; Mecha King Ghidorah just happened to be on the side of the map closer to me rather than the far side like he tends to be), which allowed me to instantly become Super Godzilla again when Bagan's stage began.

  13. 何かの本に載ってたバガン、赤と黒のどこかイリスを思い起こさせる色でかっこよかった

  14. Awesome I remember getting all the way to Mecha King Ghidorah when I was a kid playing this then my Mom yelled downstairs for me to go to bed and there was no save feature. Glad to see what I would've been up against lol

  15. Not bad! The final boss and ending, so interesting jaja the mechanics of the game. At the credits sudenly the music go to high and kill my ears in one parte 🙂
    In 1:29:41 -_-

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