Super Godzilla Video Walkthrough


This is a video walkthrough / runthrough / playthrough / etc of the SNES game Super Godzilla. While I get through the game just fine, you might consider picking up some more items or even running away during some boss fights to recover a bit.

During the fourth stage, if you know you have plenty of time to spare, you may consider crossing the water to get to the cocoon, but I happen to like taking a different route and picking up that time freeze item.

I decided to fight Mecha-King Ghidorah as Godzilla so I wouldn’t have too much of a hard time with Bagan. Obviously starting the final boss fight as the super lizard makes things a whole lot easier.

I do suggest not going hung-ho on some of the bosses. Running away might be a good idea at times. Mecha-King Ghidorah as normal Godzilla can be quite hard. You really need to be careful about advancing towards him. If you have the right items, it might make things a bit easier. I love using those green defense items.


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45 thoughts on “Super Godzilla Video Walkthrough

  1. Jeremy(Saikyomog) passed away 02/20/15.  Everyone please see Saikyomog A Dad's Remembrance  and
    We have kept open a Guest Book for anyone who wishes to make a comment regarding Jeremy.  Eventually this will be put together in a keepsake book.

  2. Wow this actually looks like it was an awesome game in it's heyday. I would have rented this every other weekend visiting my dad.

  3. I remember spending so long trying to beat the first level because I just couldnt grasp how the fighting worked. Then just one day randomly, for no reason whatsoever the fights started "working" most runs got one monster past mechagodzilla but the furthest i've ever gotten/watched was Biollante. Never got that far again, partially because the fights went back to being completely non-understandable.

    Years later I still dont get it

  4. Makes you wonder where the exact cartridge that you played with as a kid is located now. It has been passed down so many times throughout my life, I lost track who had it last. I wonder if it is sitting in someone's collection or donated to third world countries. It's pretty cool when you think about it.

  5. is this game bad?
    BUT, in my opinion this game is a guilt pleasure, i had this game for snes and was one of my fav ones, i knew back them that the game was crap in many aspects, but in the end as a huge fan of godzilla i was still happy to play it.

  6. Mechagodzilla is IMPOSSIBLE. I'm playing right now and it's so bs that I can't even touch him. If he didn't have that OP slide move it wouldn't be so hard

  7. i loved playing this as a kid. never could get past mecha godzilla but fuck those were some good memories

  8. Loved this game as a kid, never beat it cuz i could never find Biollante and i had the JP version of this game

  9. In year 2019 or 2020, Godzilla VS King Kong will hit theaters. After 60 years we'll see a long awaited rematch between the 2 monsters. I have a theory on how the fight would end. Just when it looks like Godzilla or King Kong will strike the final blow, a new monster appears…King Ghidora. Godzilla & King Kong put aside their differences & work together to defeat King Ghidora.

  10. I remember renting this game as a kid. The first ever Godzilla game I was able to play… You know back then there was no internet, so Godzilla was still a badass mystery.

    Oh the disappointment I had when the buildings hurt you, and the fights were ridiculously hard.

  11. There's a glitch in the game that makes biolante a piece of cake to beat but virtually almost no one knows about it I saw it some other YouTube user lets play I don't remember there user name. But if you destroy only I think it's biolante right tentacle then retreat. Then renter the battle and destroy the other tentacol biolante will just stand there and let you attack it and won't fight back.

  12. I fucking hate this game it's horrible godzilla game and anyone who plays it and enjoys it is not a real fan

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