SURVIVE!! JUST, DO IT!!! | 60 Seconds #4


I believe in you Ted! Everyone else may have died in 60 seconds but YOU CAN DO IT!

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Game Link:

Outro animation by the amazingly talented James Farr:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


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48 thoughts on “SURVIVE!! JUST, DO IT!!! | 60 Seconds #4

  1. Dont kill mary jane if theres spiders/green goo dont do anything she will turn into a mutant and is the best scavenger

  2. At 13:10 the military wanted them to dips or all arms not only is that breaking the second amendment they need weapons to sirvive

  3. Let Mary Jane's don't forget to send me a pic and I will send it out to the gymnastics and I can see what happened to the village of undying

  4. ME:kill marry jane
    Jacksepticeye:i want to kill her. Click read more to read the rest
    ME: then do it
    Jacksepticeye:can't be bothered
    ME:do I have to do it myself
    Jacksepticeye: k she is all yours

  5. Who else is bored and has nothing else to watch so they go to the good ol' videos where not everything was always getting hecking demonitized

  6. I'm sorry all these people saying Mary jane is useful I think the fact that 1.shes a fat ass 2.she takes to much food away 4. She brings back HORRIBLE USELESS items when picked for the expedition 3. She plays the tuba on an everyday basis and it annoys the shit out of people. I believe that's pretty self explanatory (what I'm saying is that she is not useful once so ever)sorry if i spelled incorrectly it's so fucking hard to type with fake nails.

  7. If you dont want Mary jane send her out and if she comes back see if she has radiation sickness if so then give her nothing because if she comes back she will come back with a couple supplies so technically its a sacrifice.

  8. Oh say can you see… by the dogs early light
    What so proudly had barked!
    Was sadly shot by jack…
    And now we all know!
    How he killed a doggo
    And he was clueless
    That outside was a bless
    Oh say can you see…

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