THE GAME GOT HEATED So RJ Hampton Dropped 42 Points!! Full Highlights


RJ Hampton might be the #1 Player in High School Basketball right now, he’s scored 40 Points in 3 Straight games. When things get heated in physical, RJ Hampton went into beast mode. Here are his Full Highlights.
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30 thoughts on “THE GAME GOT HEATED So RJ Hampton Dropped 42 Points!! Full Highlights

  1. Never give up always have faith and belive and dont forget to pray and belive in godd😇😇😇😇

  2. Yall talking bout his fighting form tha nigga jst put up 42😂😂yall worrying bout tha wrong thang

  3. don’t get me wrong rj is an OKAY player but they play all weak teams that’s why he be showing out like that knowing if they would’ve played shadow mountain or some they would have dude on lock

  4. Th is the nastiest kid I have ever seen I went to his game yesterday and he goes to my high school and I got a pic with him

  5. This is 2nd Video that's features this RJ kid and Javion Williams steals the shine, get that man a mixtape!

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