The Original Gameboy (DMG-01) | Perfect Restoration


In this video I restore the original Nintendo Gameboy. I bought it on my japan trip last year at the Tokyo City Flea Market for 800 ¥ (YEN) [~6,85€ / ~7,40$]. When I saw him there, i just had to buy. Even if i didn’t know if it worked, but it was supposed to be my souvenir from Japan. as you can see it is quite dirty and yellowed. moreover, it cannot be switched on, so it seems that it has electronic problems. so I tried everything to bring him back to life. hopefully with success. 😉

This video shoud be entertaining and maybe motivate you to go and look for your own game boy and start it up again. If you have any questions you can write them in the comments below, I will answer it.

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Screw Bit Set :
Soldering Iron:

Replacement Screen:
UV Light:

Main Camera:


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8 thoughts on “The Original Gameboy (DMG-01) | Perfect Restoration

  1. The first Gameboy was my ticket to the world of games and consoles. when i discovered it last year on that flea market in tokyo, i knew immediately that i want to make it perfect again. I hope you also liked the video and maybe it reminded you of your experiences with the Gameboy. 😉
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