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Closing Theme: Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi TagTeam OST

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45 thoughts on “Top 10 WORST DRAGON BALL Z/GT Games |REUPLOAD|

  1. DBZ Battle of Z is fun when you got a group of 4 players – I platinum that game with my friends at launch. I know it has it's negatives; but 5th worst game, I disagree that.

  2. My Opinion
    10: Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World
    9: Dragon Ball GT Final Bout
    8: Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy Of Goku
    7: Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z
    6: Dragon Ball Z Kinect
    5: Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkachi
    4: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit
    3: Dragon Ball Evolution
    2: Dragon Ball Z Taiketsu
    1: Dragon Ball Z Sagas

  3. Being a GT game is not a good reason for it to suck. A game can be better than something it's based on.

  4. 0:57 who's this character on the left next to scorpion?
    And who's this dragon ball character next to Lora?

  5. Db final bout had for the first time goku ssj4 and that's it! And it was limited by the that time technology… for example xenoverse saga sucks ass too lame boring gameplay… but you cause you can play with the power ranger sayan 😉

  6. Taiketsu is such an ugly game. And Budokai 2 was one of my favorites back then. Me and my brothers would fight eachother for hours in it.

  7. Seriously how the hell is Super Dragon Ball Z and Budokai 2 worse than final bout that game is awful you can't seriously tell me that those games are worse than that that game is borderline unplayable that game should be number one or number two for that reason alone.

  8. Play shin butoden it is basically ultimate battle 22 but has better special moves.
    It is for Sega Saturn but is only in Japanese. Buu yuu retsuden is simaler.

  9. The way the narrator from the commercial says saiyan is actually the most accurate translation of the word.. funimation were the ones to start "say-an" instead of "saiyan". This guys videos piss me off and make me cringe so much I don't know why lol.

  10. Didn't you know Dragon Ball GT Game for Playstation 1 Graphics are similar to Dragon Ball Z Budokai for Playstation 2 and Nintendo Gamecube. Like 3-D Graphics from Video Game Consoles in the mid 90's through early 2000's in those times.
    History and era for video game graphics.

  11. The oozaru form in evolution. What a joke. It's just normal size goku with hair. Where's the 3 story high ape form?

  12. I like GT, but yeah there's no defending Final Bout, It's worse than GT itself{Even though I like GT}, It's worse than Super{even though I like Super} It's almost as bad as Dragon Ball Evolution! DBZ Budokai 2 was awesome!

  13. You don't have to keep your distcnace i Legacy of Goku. Sure the combat is— not the best and was heavily improved in 2, but the tactic, is that your Solar Flare is your best friend. Seriously, every battle in that game, you need to make it your first priority to stun the enemy with Solar Flare. Use Solar Flare, know how many seconds it lasts and thus how many punches you can throw while also having enough time to get to a safe distance where you have time to use it again when your opponent un-paralyses… rather rinse repeat.

    But hey, gotta give credit to the animated cutscenes. They at least tried.

  14. #10 "It's a GT game, so you knew you'd be in for disappointment", sigh, why did I just know that this youtuber couldn't leave poor ol' GT the *beeep* alone?

  15. what annoys me in this video is that he said the person in the kinect game was saying saiyan wrong although that IS how it is meant to be said.

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