We Won Pokemon Prizes at Claw Machines in Korean 7-Eleven


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In this video, we play Korean Claw Machines in 7-11. This arcade is so full of Pokemon Claw Machines, that it could be called a Pokemon Arcade! Korean 7-11 totally rules (or at least this Myeongong location does).

Claw Machines in Korea are becoming really popular and you can find them popping up all over the place. We are still learning how to play, so please bear with us as we lose a bit. It’s a learning process, as you may know 🙂

Please help me find good arcades to play claw machines in Korea!
Have you played claw machines in Korea? Have you been to a Korean UFO Catcher arcade or Korean crane game arcade? I am still searching for a good arcade. I have only played claw machines in myeong dong, itaewon, and times square mall, and I wasn’t a huge fan of the arcades in these places. Leave a comment below, and let me know where to play claw machines in Korea. Also, what kinds of prizes have you seen in Korea? I’ve seen mostly pokemon prizes in claw machines in korea. I’ve also seen some Rilakkuma and a few Disney characters such as Winnie the Pooh. But mostly it’s Pokemon.

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29 thoughts on “We Won Pokemon Prizes at Claw Machines in Korean 7-Eleven

  1. Hi guys! I hope you enjoy this video. Isn't this the most amazing 7-Eleven ? Don't forget to head over to my Facebook page for a giveaway of the plushies that I won. http://www.facebook.com/marieskawaiiworld. You have to like my page and leave a comment on the photo of the prizes. Good luck!

  2. it is a pretty good claw machine but if would help then i can catch so much dolls but you did a great job still

  3. I was distracted by Pick Me playing in the background. 😂😂 either way i bibge watch these videos a lot

  4. OMG, so I'm watching this claw game and I'm like hmm, what is this background song…why does it sound familiar, oh it's PICK ME from Produce 101 Season 2 XD

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