WHO SHOT THE SHERIFF? – BANG! The Dice Game – Let's Roll


Time for an Old West shootout in BANG! The Dice Game. It’s a fight to the last one standing between the Sheriff, Outlaws, and Renegade.

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37 thoughts on “WHO SHOT THE SHERIFF? – BANG! The Dice Game – Let's Roll

  1. I'm watching all these Let's Rolls that I didn't see when they first came out during quarantine, because it reminds me off all the board games I wish I could play, if only I could invite friends over.

  2. So, according to the rules, a renegade cannot win. if the outlaws die, the sheriff wins, and if the sheriff dies, the outlaws win, so it is virtually impossible for the renegade to win….unless it's by arrows, which is highly unlikely.

  3. I would pay good money for an animation of this game where jeff is a pitchy teenager and micheal is a stewie-like character. Just 2 kids ruling the town against old outlaws

  4. Renegade should play like a deputy nearly the entire game, even in outing themselves. The sheriff should go out of their way to keep the renegade alive, if need be, in an uneasy alliance.

  5. the probability of michael being deputy and geoff being sheriff is each 1 out of 6, so the chance of that specific combination happening at all is 1/6 * 1/6 = 1/36 which is about 27.8%.
    the chance of that event happening TWICE is 1/36 * 1/36 = 1/1296 which means that the chance of the two of them getting the same roles twice in a row is about 0.08%

    math's more fun when you're using it to procrastinate on other math

  6. It’s more beneficial for the renegade to pretend to be the deputy and give shots to both the real deputy and the outlaws because they need to kill the sheriff last to win

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