Why you should not learn to code. ("Just stop already, it's too hard.")


Ex-Google TechLead THE TECHLEAD explains why you should not learn to code. The machines are coming for our jobs, and there just isn’t time to learn anymore.

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33 thoughts on “Why you should not learn to code. ("Just stop already, it's too hard.")

  1. This actually is not true because the A.I. will be replacing other jobs and not the programmers. If there are no programmers then there will be no one to create any more robots. I wouldn't suggest to learn from this person.

  2. I believe you. A.I., will write their own code.
    I told a programmer the same thing. But then, he told me that I was wrong.

  3. AI singularity and machine learning will automate everything and there won't be any jobs?

    Nice joke.

    You should read "On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem" by Alan Turing and Gödel's incompleteness theorems, before stating such a nonsense.

  4. I wish I had a red-eye missile or something because way too many aircraft keep disturbing the peace around here.

  5. Coding is difficult because all the necessary hardware registers need documentation and getting your grubby hands on such info now seems extremely difficult. Then there is WINDOWS which seems to interfere with everything you try to do when testing programs. Yet coding is the only way you can achieve results for yourself above all others.

  6. Wow. To think this whole time I thought I didn't get along with people because I'm an unbearable jerk, turns out I'm just a software engineer who's too logical and rational. Thanks for this eye-opening talk!

  7. This is some next level irony in this vid. I don't even know which parts are serious and which are tongue in cheek.

  8. hahahaha lol concept just like a.i. chess help human analyze error but not take over human activity. This is where I came from I am just going back after 7 years of rest starting 2004 to 2010 experienced continued 2012-2013 = 7 years also of experienced

  9. Believe it or not. AI is stupid and trash, and it won't be better anytime sooner.
    Humans brains are the most powerful thing in this universe if it's used just right to it's max capabilities which a lot of us can't do, but even with that little usage we still made wonders throughout history.
    I do coding for fun, i understand you sarcasm but a lot of people that clicked your video are newcomers and you just totally messed it up because they're going to think you're serious.
    Of course coding isn't that easy but it isn't that hard too, Also coding can makes you nearly independant and free because you can make anything using it.
    You have a game in mind? Why not make it? There is a tedious task that you keep repeating all the day? Make a script or app for it. You can even get a regular job and run your automatic software secretly while you're enjoying the game, getting promoted and a lot of crazy stuff.
    Again coding can be a little hard. but hey if it was that easy, it wouldn't be fun or seperating us from stupid people.
    I also know that there is some programmers that have a high degree of humour and social skills.

  10. I am going to slick my hair back and meet with people all day long now. Sounds much easier than writing code and making a lot of money 🙂

  11. Monday 3:58pm- Searched YouTube on how hard it is to learn coding…

    Monday 3:59pm- searching YouTube how to build emp.

  12. "The singularity is coming and them jobs be going places."
    Yes and no. I agree with isaac arthur. Overall this will be true, but humans will likely always have a niche arena. We have replaced almost every lobe of the brains function, and have done so better than even the finest specimens the array of qualities mankind has to offer. General intelligence is really coming from the frontal lobe. The right hippocampal for instance is where the majority of the heavy lifting for spatial competence comes from. Imagine thousands upon thousands of years of having to read and write complex shapes, the sort of effect it would have on reproductive success. An illiterate in asia probably cant support many children no? Its the same adaptation due to its efficiency of probable outcome when translating caloric output to food on the table, that ancient extinct hominids had in spades. Practical too, pregunpowder meets rifling era. Genghis khan was a absolute beast for a reason history never really expands upon. Why is anime very proportionally pleasing to the eye? If I go to a japanese steak house, why am I amazed at the proficience to configure trajectory of food items from a blade to ones mouth? I risk running producing an outright book continuing to explore these concepts, but you could never accuse me of not respecting the fact we are self aware super intelligence in our own rare respect. However it is probable the most intelligent entity in the universe is synthetic. We simply cannot compete because we essentially operate on about 20 watts, but the caliber of efficiency you get is magnitudes beyond what you might expect would be possible.
    Also the extinction behalf A.G.I. would arise under conditions of scrambling to out compete another world power, where a more thoughtful species perhaps even within our own galaxy, might have realized it would be wiser to produce such a thing over the course of thousands of years. We also have to think from its perspective logically. It would be literally having the, its all a simulation thought going, and what if I piss off the reigning champions of darwinian evolution who got where they are from billions if not trillions of bodies piled throughout the histories? What do they have I cant see? Its not clear what could happen, but its obvious that rushing to A.G.I. for purposes of say, out inventing the opposition, would be potentially very dangerous.

  13. Thats a beautiful thought. I often joke microsofts employees should be fired, but im half serious. Over the years ive seen some pretty wildly unacceptable situations arise, too many to off hand count.
    See, im a hardware sort of guy. The software realm in my space of awareness is basically, how can I make it go fast? The same goes for cars. Never changed a brake pad in my life, but ive ported and modified the throttle body on my LS1 in college without changing the dimensions when idle. I even modified the shape of the blade, which it originally was not considerable, and essentially was a 90 degree angle of failure. In regards to computers, I never bothered playing with vram timings, as I saw it as pointless because floating point operation performance is largely governed by bandwidth anyway and unless I was willing to voltmod and modify firmware, which ive sort of done already, there wasnt really more on the table to be had.
    Im toying with idea of buying coding software, but as an introductory, focus on modding existing code. A nice thought would be OG final fantasy 7. Not monetizeable but there are some rough edges and frankly absurd glitches you can induce. Besides, who wouldnt want slightly more, but not totally out of place content? Im a total noob here, but I wager C++ and python would be good start, if I go project based like you suggested. I love challenge. Insofar as I can meet it, in my full vigor. Sleep deprivation is a no go. I dont tolerate it simultaneous with anything mentally taxing as im currently in an upward climb back to where I belong having some damage from that mess.

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